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Asparagus is a fun vegetable to grow! It pops through the ground and grows so quickly you can nearly see it grow. A perfect vegetable to get children interested in gardening. Florists also like it as the spear turns into a beautiful fern.

You plant it and it keeps going for 20 years! How good is that!

£5.00 per plant for a 3 year old plant potted up and ready to go into the ground. Pick next year!

The candelabra primulas (the Proliferae section) are wonderful plants, originating from China and the Himalaya, for woodland or damp, even extremely wet, places. They make clumps of strong leaves, deciduous in some species and persisting through the winter in others, and then send up their tall stems. At intervals up the stems there are whorls of ten or so flowers, each ring opening in succession, perhaps one every five or six days, . As there can be up to six, even seven, whorls, that gives an exceptional flowering period. So there can be a mass of colour and that colour can be brilliant orange or yellow, red, pink, white, even dark maroon.



primula pinkPrimula Japonica Carminea bearing whorls of purple-red tubular flowers. Flowers: May - Jun. Height: 50cm



primula bullyeanaPrimula Japonica PRIMULA bulleyana (Candelabra Primrose) - Striking whorls of fragrant, rose/apricot tubular flowers are arranged in tiers. Flowers: Jun-Aug.



primula albaPrimula alba PRIMULA Japonica Alba - (Japanese Primrose) White flowers arranged candelabra fashion in whorls on stout 18" stems. Flowers: May-Jul.




lavenderLAVENDULA augustifolia Grey Hedge - Long pointed silvery grey leaves and pale blue flowers. Compact bushy habit ideal for a hedge. Height with flower: 100cm Quantity:



cistusCISTUS x argenteus Peggy Sammons - Graceful shrub with large grey/green foliage large delicate, silvery pink flowers. Flowers: Jun-Jul. Height: 1m x 1m